Vision and mission

Children’s Mission Statement

St. Cillian’s National School is a Catholic school on Robinhood Road, Bluebell, Dublin 12 The original school building was built in 1934. St. It is a small community-based school where suitable classes provide a pleasant atmosphere for learning. Everyone knows everyone else and cares about each other. We are taught Christian values and important morals which will be valuable throughout our lives. The school provides fun activities both inside and outside of school. Play based learning is central to the methodologies of our teachers. We love learning outdoors and the school garden allows us to do this. We love active learning and there are great possibilities for adventure.

The school has a great staff, parents group and managers. The parents are all supportive of the school and the activities provided. In St. Cillian’s, the Primary School Curriculum (1999) is taught. The staff make sure we are all motivated to continue with our education. We are encouraged to learn through art, music, design, construction and cooking experiences.

In our opinion, St. Cillian’s is a very good school where use of our imagination is developed through colourful classrooms, hallways and learning spaces. It is a comfortable space to learn where the teachers listen to the children.

There are so many reasons why my Mam picked this great school for me’. (Talya – 6th Class).

Created by the Children of St. Cillian’s N.S. (Academic Year 2018/2019)

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