Abigail’s Maths Blog

Last week we did data in maths. We made bar chart posters. The third class did diferent topics .Fourth class girls did favourite animals and the fifth and sixth did favourite sweets.We went into the Junior room and asked them qustions. It was great fun.

Ryan’s English Blog

This September we learned about nouns,verbs,adjectives and plurals. We also started a new spelling programme. We are split into three groups, Red,Blue and Yellow. The Red group is Caoimhe,Justin,Jemma,Abigail and Ryan.K. The Blue group is Ryan.D,Talya and Alex. The Yellow group is Emma,Rian and Lee. We are also learning how to do joint writing. I liked the Pop Art we drew, there are pictures of them on the website.


  1. The website is Fantastic! It is great to check in and see all the activities that are happening in the school! Well Done!😃

  2. i was looking at the website and it seems that we only did a little bit of work but we actully did a lot!

  3. I can’t believe we did that in September 2016 it only feels like it was a few months ago

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